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 The NRAA is a completely volunteer organization, we are always looking for new faces to join our efforts. 

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Our History


NRAA History

The History Begins…

The year is 1982. The location is the back room of Stan Stopa’s Live Bait Shop on 24thstreet in Niagara Falls. If the walls of that back room could talk, they would tell us about a small group of people that had gathered with one common interest. That was to create an organization that could help provide better opportunity’s for fishermen using the Niagara River through better access, cleaner waters, stocking and education.Those five simple initiatives would prove to be the backbone of the Niagara River Anglers Association. They still guide us today in many of the things we do.On June 21, 1983, Rich & Dave Rotella, with help from Rich Messing & Terry Woods repaired the broken dock at the City Dock at Griffon Park. Rather than wait until someone was hurt, or to go another season with the dock broken, Rich and his crew went to work. With about four hours of labor and $15 in NRAA funds, the dock was again in tip top shape. The second meeting of these forward thinkers was held at “Bubba’s Bar” on Niagara Street in Niagara Falls. This was to be an “organizational” session. This group hadn’t even come up with a name yet. That evening is when people stepped up volunteering to be officers, filling the traditional seats that most organizations have.John Delorenzo became our first President with his father Jim agreeing to serve as Vice President. Jimmy took on the duty to provide them with a set of guidelines for our first constitution and by-laws. Several weeks later they were done and adopted. They still stand today with only minor changes occurring over the years. 

Our mission

The Niagara River Anglers Association mission is to be a group dedicated to fishing education, preservation of wildlife and keeping the sport of fishing alive. Our goal is to keep the kids interested in this wonderful outdoor activity.

Our Facilities

The Niagara River Anglers offers a wonderful facility, to camp, fish, and just enjoy being outdoors. Our ponds, located on Balmer RD, in Youngstown, NY are just that, a beautiful piece of private property, to enjoy a fun filled day, or weekend!


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Niagara River Anglers Assoc.

1350 Balmer Rd, Youngstown, New York 14174, United States

(716) 998-8910



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We are open from April 1st (weather premitting), until November 1st!

We will close during the winter!